Top Facebook Marketing Agencies in Hong Kong 2019

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Looking for a reliable Hong Kong-based Facebook marketing agency to manage your paid ad campaigns or expand your page following? In this article, we list some of Hong Kong’s leading agencies offering Facebook marketing services.

Listed Companies

  • MediaonAsia
  • Memphis Rosetta Creative
  • First Page
  • Cogney
  • Boss Digital Asia
  • Swantix
  • Uptimiser
  • DMA
  • Kickads
  • PRDA


MediaonAsia provides a full range of solutions for Facebook and, more in general, media marketing.

As for Facebook marketing, they can set up and run your ad campaigns, including content creation.

They also provide complete target and planning analysis on each campaign with weekly to monthly reviews, with the goal of optimizing results and increasing conversion rates of the campaigns.

Further, they offer “Chatbot Marketing” for your business Facebook page. For instance, you can use their chatbot to automate responses to common questions customers have, minimizing users’ waiting time. Note that the chat can be handover to your staff whenever it’s needed.

Finally, MediaonAsia also obtained certifications from Google, Bing, and Acquisio.


  • Facebook content strategy
  • Facebook campaigns planning and setup
  • Facebook chatbot integration and setup
  • Audience growth and engagement

Other Information

  • Year of registration: Not mentioned
  • Customers: HK MTR, Sino Group, Warner Music, Mercedes-Benz, and others
  • Awards: Not mentioned

Address: Unit 811, 8/F, Blk B, Hoi Luen Industrial Centre, 55 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong


Memphis Rosetta Creative

Memphis Rosetta Creative Limited is a full-service advertising agency since 2006. No matter the size of your business, they can help clients’ to identify target markets and deliver solutions in order to meet their sales objectives.

They provide all-round support: Facebook content creation and management, KOL (key opinion leader, or influencer) endorsement, performance management, and conversion analysis.

One of their strongest points is live broadcasts, which are becoming more and more popular on Facebook, 4k video shooting and drone shooting.

So, this agency might be specially indicated if you plan to focus on video campaigns.

Finally, Memphis Rosetta Creative also supports overseas projects, including in China Mainland.


  • Facebook fan page setup and marketing
  • Content generation and management
  • Facebook event live broadcast
  • Facebook platform advertising

Other Information

  • Year of registration: 2006
  • Customers: HKTDC, Convoy, Shui on group, LCSD HK, and others
  • Awards: Not mentioned

Address: Level20, Infinitus Plaza, 199 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


First Page

First Page can provide a complete digital solution for your Facebook business. They assess your web presence with the goal of making your online activities more profitable by building traffic, getting leads, and converting them to sales.

First Page does not outsource any task related to clients and all projects are handled by their digital marketers in-house. Before getting started, they offer a free website and social media presence conversion health check.

You will just need to fill in information such as your website address, social pages addresses, and your target goal.

Further, if you plan to market your Shopify store, this agency offers specific services dedicated to the platform.

By selecting the right content, creating designs and targeting the right demographic, they can help you to bring more leads and re-engage past clients of your store.


  • Media creation
  • Content writing
  • Advertising on social media

Other Information

  • Year of registration: Not mentioned
  • Customers: K.Wah Group, MasterCrop, Raeon, VMware, and others.
  • Awards: Not mentioned

Address: Room 3503-07, 35/F, Wu Chung House, 213 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong



Cogney provides Facebook ad service for customers who want to increase the traffic to their pages and websites. They can conduct audience research, set bidding strategy and analytics goals, and others.

Then they can help with management and optimization including expand exclusion lists, KPI reporting, reallocate budget, new audience research, and A/B testing for ads. Those services are conducted at a Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis, in order to keep track of the performance.

Further, Congney can help you to set up a Facebook remarketing (or retargeting) strategies, in order to re-engage the visitors of your website and/or Facebook page.


  • Facebook audience research
  • Set ads bidding strategy
  • Launch Facebook campaigns
  • Analysis of historical account data on Facebook
  • Remarketing strategy for Facebook

Other Information

  • Year of registration: Not mentioned
  • Customers: Active Global, The Pavilions, Shanghai Tang, DMG investments and others
  • Awards: Not mentioned

Address: 1212 V Point18 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Boss Digital Asia

Boss Digital Asia provides Facebook marketing strategies for brand awareness and increase website traffic. In general, they focus on how to grow your followers’ basis and broadcast your sales messages.

Their social media experts handle the whole promotion, including setting up accounts, growing your audience, publishing your updates, and manage your paid ads campaigns.

In addition, Boss Digital Asia can help with online videos and viral marketing, by creating interesting videos and flash animations, that people are more likely to share with their friends and work colleagues.


  • Facebook strategy
  • Facebook content creation
  • Facebook ads
  • Videos production and viral marketing

Other Information

  • Year of registration: 2009
  • Customers: Philips, Singapore Airlines, South China Morning Post, Savills, and others
  • Awards: Google partner, Microsoft adCenter, ADMA, Microsoft Certified technology specialist

Address: 807B Kai Tak Commercial Building 317-319 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan



Swantix provides Facebook promotion services for clients. The Swantix social media team is familiar with the online world culture and they have experiences in planning, diagramming, and controlling posting timing to help you to avoid a “public relations disaster”.

Swantix can help you from organizing page layout to designing your images in order to improve your Facebook brand page. Also, their Swedish strategic partner Qwaya will provide technology and advanced function such as A/B testing, integrate Google Analytics into Facebook promotion activities and others.

While there are many “fake likes” on Facebook, Swantix insists that it will not be their strategy as they believe Facebook marketing strategy should be sustainable and ethical. On their website, you can find many testimonials from past clients


  • Facebook page layout and image design
  • Facebook integration with Google Analytics
  • Facebook A/B testing

Other Information

  • Year of registration: Not mentioned
  • Customers: StyleInk, Greater China Financial, Sealy Mattress, and others.
  • Awards: Not mentioned

Address: B03, 4/F, Lead On Industrial Building, 18 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon



Uptimiser was founded by Amir, who has more than 10 years of experience working for digital marketing agencies and some of the world’s most successful companies. Uptimiser provides helps to save your business from ineffective social media marketing.

They help clients to capture engagement and drive revenues via Facebook, including campaign management, audiences targeting, advertisement, one-time setup, and many other services.

Notice that Uptimiser does not have an office in Hong Kong. Instead, they work remotely with their clients by using Slack, Whatsapp, and Asana to improve communications.

They keep an open line of communication with clients and they will also send performance reports on a monthly basis.


  • Audiences targeting for Facebook
  • Facebook ads campaigns management
  • Website one-time setup

Other Information

  • Year of registration: Not mentioned
  • Customers: Expedia, McDonald’s, AVIS, Target
  • Awards: Not mentioned

Address: Remote Marketing Agency


DMA is a global marketing agency with offices in the U.S, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, UAE, South Africa, Switzerland, Singapore, and Hong Kong. During the past years, they have been nominated and awarded for digital marketing achievements by BIMA awards, RAR Digital, and others.

As for Facebook marketing, they have experts to help researching your target audience, optimize your business pages, create content, generate interest and buzz with audiences, and build reports for your business.
Also, they can create marketing campaigns that focus on targeting key influencers who will present your brand to their own audience.

DMA also offers help to pull your business out of a crisis or controversy in a positive way. They will analyze the incident to understand what happened, create a plan of action, develop and implement a communication strategy, and help prevent incidents in the future.


  • Facebook audience research
  • Facebook profile optimization
  • Facebook content creation
  • Facebook campaign analysis
  • Crisis management

Other Information

  • Year of registration: Not mentioned
  • Customers: Makeable, TripAdvisor, Kohler, BlockChain, Promogo, and others.
  • Awards: The Drum search awards, BIMA awards, GD USA awards, RAR Digital, CrowdReviews

Address: 45/F, The Lee Gardens, 33 Hysan Avenue, Hong Kong,



Kickads was founded in 2015 by Frankie Chan and Terrence Chung. Terrence was the agency account strategist for Google, and Frankie was working for Lazada, iProspect, and Google as well.

They started Kickads in 2015 as a Digital Marketing blog and set up as a digital marketing agency in Hong Kong in 2017. In 2018, they have expanded their business to Malaysia.

As for Facebook services, they create localized content to build your brand faster, provide “chatbots” to improve your customer service, create content, design your visuals and locate KOLs (key opinion leaders) to drive faster awareness.

Terrence has conducted SEM training for more than 100 students just within last year. Kickads also writes and publishes articles regarding topics such as ”Keyword matching type with its respective pros & cons”, or “How Facebook affects organic search?”.


  • Facebook audience targeting
  • Facebook content writing
  • Facebook campaign management
  • Chatbot setup for Facebook

Other Information

  • Year of registration: 2015
  • Customers: Foodpanda, Honestbee, Lazada, iProspect, Sizmek, and others
  • Awards: Not mentioned

Address: A Room,3F, Chuan Yuan Factory Building, 342-344 Kwun Tong Rd, Kwun Tong



PRDA was founded by Douglas White, who has close to 30 years of experience in digital marketing. They are headquartered in Hong Kong and spent over 14 years transforming brands and building businesses through their methodology.

In order to increase engagement with the audience and increase conversions on Facebook, PRDA creates content for a wide variety of industries using the latest social media requirements for formatting, keywords, hashtags and more.

Also, they use their own 4KPIs – fan growth, engagement, demographic targeting and conversions to monitor, measure and refine the strategy to sustainability for clients.

Moreover, they provide social media and digital marketing training for clients. Douglas White is an MIT mentor, lecturer in HKU, level 5 Global project manager at IBM, and has many other professional qualifications.

With the methodology developed by Douglas, you can learn much more about digital marketing by enrolling in their training course.


  • Facebook content creation
  • Influencer engagement on Facebook
  • Conversion rate improvement for Facebook
  • Facebook training for clients

Other Information

  • Year of registration: Not mentioned
  • Customers: TCL, Regus, Sun Life Financial, Hotel Royal, Manulife, and others
  • Awards: Not mentioned

Address: Suite 1106-8 11/F, Tai Yau Building, No. 181 Johnston Rd, Wan Chai


Frequently asked questions

How do I choose a good Facebook marketing agency in Hong Kong?

Although every business has specific needs and thus different agencies might work better for different companies, I suggest you keep the following points in mind:

  • Is the agency specialized on Facebook marketing and, more specifically, on Facebook ads? Can they explain in a clear fashion the services they offer?
  • Does the agency’s Facebook page an/or website include the agency’s phone number, address, and a contact form?
  • Can the agency provide a list of clients, testimonials and/or case study?
  • Is it easy to communicate with the agency? Do they replay on a daily basis or you have to wait for days, before getting an answer?
  • Are the prices and promises of the agency in line with the competition, or ‘to good to true’?

Should I hire an agency for my Facebook ads campaigns?

Today you can find a lot of information online, when it comes down to Facebook advertisement. Also, the Facebook Business platform provides an extensive FAQ section.

Thus, you can probably learn how to advertise on Facebook by yourself.

However, I must warn you: you will have to go through the whole learning curve, and it might take time before you can reach the objectives you set for your Facebook campaigns.

How can I start advertising my business on Facebook?

You will need a Facebook personal profile with your real name, a company Facebook page and a credit card.

At this point, you can open a Facebook business account, and create your first ad campaign.

In order to create an ad campaign, you will have to select several parameters, including:

  • The objective of the campaign – clicks, impressions, lead generation, sales, or other;
  • The daily budget and bid strategy – for instance, pay per click or pay per conversion;
  • The type of audience you want to target – for instance, re-engage past visitors of your website, or reach a new audience via interests and lookalike audiences;
  • The design of your ad – video, photos, text, links.

How can I increase sales using Facebook ads?

When people are browsing Facebook, they are often in the mood to watch funny videos, not to take important business decisions.

Thus, the two main points to consider for increasing your sales via Facebook ads are the following:

  • Target the right audience – for instance, if your company manufacture shoes, you might choose to target purchasing managers at shoes wholesalers companies;
  • Create an ad with a compelling offer and a clear call to action: If your goal is to get as many leads as possible call your sales reps, then your ad shall provide a clear description of how you can help, and then have a call to action that focus on “call us”, for example “Book a Free Consultation Call”.

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook per month?

It depends on your goal and budget!

You can pay as little as HK$5 per click – even less, if you manage to achieve a good clickthrough rate.

It also depends on your audience. Let’s assume you have a small, but valuable audience, for example, all the people that visited the key pages of your website such as contact page, services page, and others, in the last 30 days.

Now, if you want them to click consistently to your ads, you will have to bid at least HK$20-25 per click.

Note that this is just an example, as there are many ways to bid (clicks, impressions, reach, conversion) and there is not a strategy that fits all situations.

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