Hong Kong B2B Marketing Guide: How to Get New Customers Online

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Based in Hong Kong but looking for new B2B customers in the US, Europe, Australia or other countries around the world? In this article, I explain how freight forwarders, consulting firms, service providers and other B2B companies in Hong Kong can start generating traffic, leads and ultimately new customers.

Article Overview
  • How to create a company blog
  • How to use Youtube to get B2B leads
  • How to use Google Adwords to get B2B leads
  • How to sell to your website visitors

Option A: Create a Company Blog

Blog post example

Writing simple how-to guides and fact-based articles can drive traffic from Google, Yahoo or Baidu back to your website. The key is to figure out what sort of topics your potential customers are searching for.

As you can see in the image above, we wrote a basic article listing companies offering quality inspections in Vietnam.
Why did we create this article?


Because someone searching for quality inspection companies in Vietnam is likely someone importing products from Asia – in other words, an ideal customer for the products we offer on Chinaimportal.com.

A simple and effective topic

The second reason is that it’s easy to write an impartial introduction about a couple of quality control companies. It’s not that much to say really, as they all offer the same services, in the same region.


As of today, this article keeps on generating hundreds of website visitors every month, which in turn drives call bookings and therefore new customers. It’s not necessarily more difficult than that.

How do I select the right topic?

Always try to keep it simple. I wrote this article because I want you – yes, people like you searching for B2B marketing in Hong Kong – to read this article. I think you might be a good fit for what we have to offer here at InboundWise.com.

Start by asking yourself: What would my potential customers be searching for online?

It doesn’t have to be an exact match. Take a freight forwarder for example. You can still benefit from website visitors looking for ‘quality inspections in Vietnam’.


Because if they’re looking for quality control services in Vietnam, they eventually need to get their products shipped somewhere – which is where you come in.

Example: Freight Forwarder in Hong Kong

If I was trying to get more Australian customers for my freight forwarding business, I’d cover these topics:

  • Shipping from China to Australia
  • Shipping from Vietnam to Australia
  • How much does shipping from China to Australia cost?
  • Import duties when importing from China to Australia

Search Engines Results

Google SERP

3 to 6 months after the publication date, you will start to see some traffic from Google and possibly other search engines. As you can see above, our article about quality inspections in Vietnam has the top position on Google.com.

This doesn’t come easily though. Here are some key reasons why we have such a good position:

  • We update the article on a regular basis by adding new companies
  • We covered a long list of companies instead of just a few
  • We provide value-added information (e.g. costs) about quality control in Vietnam

Website Traffic


As you can see above, this article keeps on generating leads every single day. The only real drawback is that it takes a few months before you get traffic on your website.

That said, once you get the traffic it keeps coming for years, so the return on investment is good – especially as it’s not that much competition in the B2B space.

Option B: Youtube Videos

Content doesn’t necessarily need to be written articles. 5 to 10-minute long video tutorials is also an effective way to quickly get new leads and customers. That said, the principle is the same in the sense that it’s all about finding the right topics.

Here are some other things to take into consideration:

a. Keep it short: 5 to 15 minutes is enough

b. Call to action: Tell the viewer what to do next at the end of the video (e.g. book a phone call)

c. Keep it simple: B2B is not about high budget production but providing valuable information about a certain topic. A basic powerpoint recording is sufficient, as long as you share valuable information.

Option C: Paid Google Ads

Google Ads

If you don’t want to wait for 3 to 6 months for your business blog traffic to kick in, you can always try paid ads. Google Adwords enables you to bid on specific keywords. Your ad will popup in the search engine within a matter of hours, ready to send leads to your website.


1. You will get leads within 2 – 3 days (not months)

2. Your company gets exposure to people looking for your products or services right now. That can be extremely effective.


1. You’ll pay US$1 to $4 (on average) per click. You need to have a solid sales process to ensure that you don’t waste paid clicks on visitors that come and go.

Finding the right B2B keywords

You only want to pay for clicks from people that are truly looking for the products and services you have to offer. Rather than targeting a broad range of searches, you need to be highly specific.

If I was trying to get more Australian customers for my freight forwarding business, I’d bid for these keywords:

  • Australia freight forwarders
  • Australia shipping companies
  • Hong Kong freight forwarders
  • Hong Kong shipping companies
  • China freight forwarders
  • China shipping companies

Select your target country

You can choose to only display your ads in a certain country, state or city. If you intend to find new customers in Australia, then you’re ads should only be visible in Australia. You can also go even deeper, and focus on specific cities or states.

How to sell to your website visitors

Website visitors are worthless unless you implement an effective sales funnel, turning your visitors into leads, and finally customers. Your success depends on how well you manage to implement this process.

a. Free Call Booking

Call booking popup example

You must make it easy, even obvious, for your visitors to find a way to contact you. Having a basic ‘contact us’ form is extremely outdated and will not generate many new customers.

For most B2B companies, getting call bookings is the most effective way to generate new customers.

Why call booking instead of a phone number?

Showcasing a phone number might work well if you’re only selling within Hong Kong. That said, if you want to acquire new customers overseas, you need to consider time zones. As such, you should have a call booking form that enables your visitors to schedule calls in their own time zone for the next day, or even later.

Website Buttons

You must place your call to action on different positions on your website. It should be easy to find the ‘call booking’ button and your visitors should not need to look around or you’ll lose them.

Most people only spend a bit more than 1 minute on your website, and that’s the time you have to get a call booking.

b. Free Ebook or Whitepaper PDF

Ebook optin example

Not everyone is ready to book a phone call the first time they get on your website. That’s why you should have a clearly visible form where the visitor can get a B2B Whitepaper or eBook in exchange for their email address.

As such, they’ll end up on your email subscriber list and you can keep sending them information about your products and services for months or years to come.

Select the right topic

Your Ebook or whitepaper PDF must be relevant to both your business and the kind of customer you’re trying to attract. As such, a Hong Kong-based freight forwarder looking for customers in Australia could go with one of the following topics:

  • [Whitepaper] How Australian importers can save on shipping costs
  • [eBook] Australia Import Tax Guide
  • [eBook] How to manage shipping from China to Australia in 5 steps
  • We help B2B companies in Hong Kong get new customers online

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