Content Marketing Guide For Hong Kong Companies

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The best B2B leads are those actively looking for the products or services that you have to offer. Content marketing makes sure that they do find you.

In this article, we explain how Hong Kong-based B2B companies can create articles, video tutorials and webinars to consistently drive website visitors to their company websites.

What is B2B content marketing?

a. Articles

Blog posts, tutorials, and interviews on relevant industry topics are the cornerstone of B2B content marketing. The key is to select topics that are relevant to your business, while also sharing valuable information with your readers.

Note that topics can be directly or indirectly related to your products or services. What matters is that you select article topics that your potential customers are interested in.

Here are a few examples of relevant topics:

Example A: Hong Kong Sourcing Company
  • Trade Shows in Hong Kong in 2020
  • Trade Shows in Mainland China in 2020
  • How to source products in China
  • How to source products in Vietnam
Example B: Shenzhen Watch Manufacturing Company
  • How to import stainless steel watches from China
  • How to import zinc alloy watches from China
  • How to import wooden and bamboo watches from China
  • How to import plastic watches from China
  • List of Watch Manufacturers in China
Example C: Sheung Wan Serviced Apartment Agency
  • List of serviced apartments companies in Sheung Wan
  • List of serviced apartment companies Sai Yin Pun
  • How to find the right serviced apartment in

Content marketing for B2B

Example D:

The article you’re reading now is part of our content marketing campaign. I’m currently writing this piece on a flight from Ho Chi Minh City back to Hong Kong.


Because we want people, especially those in Hong Kong, searching for content marketing and inbound sales-related topics on


After reading this article, I hope to have demonstrated a certain level of knowledge about B2B content marketing. If I’m really lucky, you may even request a quotation or book a consultation call. Perhaps we’ll even meet at our Sheung Wan office at some point.


Because I want to make money. I want your company to become our customers. In return, we’ll help you implement B2B inbound marketing and sales funnels which will hopefully drive revenue for years to come.

In the end, it’s that simple.

b. Video tutorials

Creating practical how-to videos or sharing relevant industry news is another way to get more people to your website. You can upload videos or free on, that become visible both on and on

Don’t worry about production quality. A basic webcam recording or slideshow is more than enough.

Ultimately, the value in B2B content marketing is the information, rather than having a polished video. Think of it as a client briefing, but shared with thousands of viewers on

c. Webinars

Webinars are essentially online seminars, which tend to be focused on specific topics. The benefit of webinars, compared to videos, is that you can capture the attention of the attendees for one hour or more.

We have a lot of experience with B2B sales though webinars, and it helped increase revenue with more than 60% on one of our B2B websites.

What are the benefits of B2B content marketing?

a. Generate website traffic

Articles published on your website get picked up Changes are good that you will get website traffic to website articles published on your website – from people searching specifically for the topics you’ve covered.

The best leads are the ones actively looking for the products or services that you have to offer, which is why your articles, video tutorials, and webinars must be relevant to your business.

The great thing is that you’ll keep getting free traffic for years to come.

How does website traffic generate sales?

Once people are on your website, you can direct them to request a free quotation, book a consultation call or download your product catalog.

Indeed, this also requires that you have trained sales reps that understand how inbound funnels work and can systematically turn your website visitors into leads and ultimately paying customers.

b. Educate your prospective customers

By sharing valuable business-related articles and videos, you’ll slowly build up authority. Having a reputation as an industry expert is crucial if you want to close a deal before your competitors do.

As such, it’s important that you don’t hold back when creating content, but share information that has true value.

Further, you can also educate your potential customers about risks and opportunities in your industry, which serves as an indirect (yet highly effective) advertisement for your products or services.


Does content marketing work for B2B companies?

Content marketing works for any company looking for more customers. As said, the best leads are the ones who are out there looking for products and services that you can offer.

Further, content marketing can be even more effective for B2B companies (as compared to B2C companies), as the buying decision is often information-driven.

That said, content marketing must also be coupled with an effective inbound sales funnel, something I covered in another article.

How do I know if content marking can work for our company?

The only way to find out is to try. A content marketing program doesn’t necessarily have to include more than a few articles or tutorial videos. Worst case scenario it’ll cost you a few hours.

That said, the potential upside is big, and far outweighs the potential downside.

How often do we need to create content?

I recommend that you create a monthly content schedule for both articles and videos. Content marketing is a marathon, so you’ll need to look at least one year ahead if you decide to launch a campaign.

It’s enough if you, for example, create one article per week, coupled with one video tutorial.

It may not yield results in the first few months, but after a year you’ll have a library of content that will deliver website traffic and video view leads for years to come.

The hard part is to stay motivated during that first year – or convince the board not to pull funding.

Should we create content in-house or find an agency?

It’s often a good thing to work with an agency to get guidance at the early stages of your content marketing campaign. To be honest, if I said anything else we wouldn’t even have a business case.

That said, I also recommend you get your employees to be part of content creation.

This is not for the sake of keeping costs down but ensuring that your content delivers valuable industry insights.

While your production manager in Shenzhen may not a Shakespear, he or she certainly has more valuable information to share than any freelance writer ever will.

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