Online Marketing Guide for Hong Kong Consulting Companies

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Are you a Hong Kong-based consultant or professional service provider looking for ways to find new B2B customers online? In this article, we share practical examples of how consulting and professional service companies can generate leads and turn them into paying customers.

Further, we also share examples of how we have implemented some of these strategies for our own B2B websites.

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What kind of companies can use this online marketing and sales strategy?

The process explained in this guide can be adopted by any consulting or professional B2B services company. Here are a few examples:

  • Law firms
  • Accounting companies
  • Incorporation companies
  • Sourcing companies
  • Quality inspection companies

Further, the strategies I cover can both be applied both to companies looking for B2B customers in Hong Kong or overseas.

1. How to get website visitors

Google Adwords

Google Ads

Google Adwords is the ideal B2B marketing platform for the simply reason that it allows you to show your ads to people actively searching for relevant services.

Further, your ads will appear in a matter of hours, so you can start generating new leads quickly.


You can target keywords and phrases that are both, directly and indirectly, related to your business. For example, someone looking for information about corporate bank accounts in Hong Kong is likely also interested in your incorporation service.

If you offer incorporation services in Hong Kong, you can target these keywords:

  • Hong Kong incorporation
  • Hong Kong company registration
  • Hong Kong limited company
  • How to open a company in Hong Kong
  • Can foreigners open a company in Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong corporate bank account opening

You can set the target location in a specific city, region or country. For example, a Hong Kong incorporation services agent might want to target the following locations:

  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
Pay Per Click (PPC)

You’ll pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Expect to pay anywhere from 1 to 5 US dollars per click, depending on the keyword.

As such, it’s essential to not just get your ads up on Google, but also develop a well-oiled sales funnel that ensures that a certain number of clicks are converted into paying customers.

Company Blog

Blog post example

Writing articles, just like the one you’re reading right now, is also an effective way to drive long term traffic from Google. Further, website traffic from and other search engines is free.

Well, free in the sense that you don’t pay per click, but someone from your company or an external writer must create the content.

Blog topics

The key to success in content marketing is to provide valuable guides and articles on topics your potential customers are actively looking for. If we stick to the incorporation industry I’d go with the following topics:

  • How to set up a company in Hong Kong
  • List of accounting companies in Hong Kong
  • List of incorporation agencies in Hong Kong
  • How to open a DBS corporate bank account in Hong Kong
  • How to open an HSBC corporate bank account in Hong
  • How to open a Hang Seng corporate bank account in Hong Kong
  • How to register a trademark in Hong Kong

You don’t need to be as specific when selecting blog topics as when you advertise on Google Adwords. Instead, select topics based on broad interest. Someone looking for information about bank accounts or trademarks in Hong Kong is likely also interested in your other services.

Keep in mind that it can take a few months before you start getting traffic from Google.

The good thing is that there are many opportunities left for consulting companies and B2B service providers, as most businesses either don’t bother with content creation or just give up after a few months.


Our main website,, generates more than 80,000 visitors per month through our articles.

Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a free tool giving you access to website traffic statistics, including your top articles, countries, time spent on page and much more. Google Analytics can, therefore, help you understand what kind of content your website visitors prefer.

Youtube Channel

youtube channel

Creating basic 10 to 15-minute B2B video tutorials is another way to generate leads online. The principle is the same in the sense that you must create video tutorials that might interest your target audience.

When it comes to B2B, viewers primarily value the information you provide. As such, a simple presentation slide deck with voice over is good enough – as long as the information is valuable.


We launched a Youtube channel in 2017 for one of our B2B websites, Today, this channel is closing in on 5000 subscribers and generate new customers every month.

2. Sales Funnel

In the previous part, I focused on how to use Google and Youtube to generate qualified B2B visitors to your websites. However, website traffic is worthless unless you can generate leads.

Call Booking Form

A call booking form is generally the most straight forward way to get B2B leads for consulting firms and service providers. While you can also show your phone number, I recommend that you set up a booking form as your potential customers may be in a different time zone.


On our main website,, we normally get 6 to 8 call booking requests per day. These calls are then assigned to our staff in Hong Kong and generate thousands of US dollars in monthly revenue.

Free Consultation Call

The sales process doesn’t start or end with the sales call. You must educate your sales reps to implement a follow-up e-mail sequence after the call. I recommend that you follow up for at least two to three weeks – or longer, depending on the industry.

Further, you can also offer a ‘limited time discount’ to incentivize your leads to buy faster.

Face to face meetings

You can also use your online marketing and sales funnel to get customers to visit your office, or schedule a meeting in theirs.

Free Quotation Form

The best leads are the ones who are ready to buy. As such, you should also add a ‘request free quotation’ form for website visitors who are ready to start talking about what you have to offer.

This form can also be combined with a call booking request, as it’s always easier to close B2B leads on the phone.

Free Whitepaper

Some website visitors are only looking for information. While they may be far from being ready to buy your B2B services, you can still make sure that they’ll remember you for weeks and months to come.

This can be achieved by offering a free whitepaper or ebook, in exchange for their email address. Once they’re on your list, you can keep sending them updates, your latest articles, and offers.


On our main B2B website,, we generate more than 30 leads per day using this strategy.

Email Newsletter

Send a weekly newsletter to stay top of mind of your customers. That way you are more likely to get their business than your competition that doesn’t bother with a newsletter.

Here are some things you can share in a newsletter:

  • Industry news and analysis
  • New articles
  • New products and services
  • Discounts and other offers
  • We help B2B companies in Hong Kong get new customers online

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