How to Free B2B Webinars Can Double Your Revenue

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B2B Webinars

Imagine if you could talk to 100 prospects at the same time. That’s what I had in mind when we made webinars our core sales strategy back in 2017. Today, free webinars drive 40% of our sales.

In this article, I explain why free B2B webinars work so well, and how you can replicate our strategy to generate new customers at a rapid pace.

Do Webinars work for B2B companies?

Webinars deliver information to prospects like no other form of media. In a way, a webinar like a sales call involving anything from 10 to 1000 people all at once. This makes it more economical to drive leads to a webinar funnel, compared to 1-on-1 sales calls.

This is even more so if your average customer lifetime value is less than 2000 USD, in which case 1-on-1 consultation calls may be too costly.

Webinars, which tend to be 1 hour or longer, also give you the time needed to properly explain the overall challenges and opportunities in your market – which helps you set up your product or service.

This is also why webinars tend to work exceptionally well for professional services companies, offering complex solutions requiring a certain degree of background and explanation before the prospect can truly comprehend their value.

That said, a webinar can also work well for companies offering more of a ‘commodity’ product or service, such as manufacturers and freight forwarders. This is partly because so few B2B companies in manufacturing and logistics even bother with webinars in the first place.

How to drive leads to your B2B Webinars

I recommend that you start by placing a signup link on your website and send out invitation emails to your email subscribers.

You can try your hand at Google ads and Facebook ads later on, but at the early stages, you should focus on experimenting with topics and offers that drive attendees and sales.


  • Website banner
  • Email campaigns
  • Google ads
  • Youtube ads
  • Facebook ads

B2B Webinar Presentations

Nobody is interested in an hour-long self-promoting sales pitch. Instead, you must offer pure value by sharing your industry expertise. The more relevant to your prospects, the better.

Webinar Topic Examples

  • How to find new manufacturers in Southeast Asia
  • How UK importers can reduce shipping costs
  • How to use a fulfillment center in Hong Kong for global distribution
  • How to find the right serviced apartment in Hong Kong
  • How to register trademarks in Hong Kong
  • How to set up a company in Vietnam as a foreign investor

Clearly, the key is to select a topic that is directly related to your business and expertise.

Webinar slides

Most webinars are simple slideshow presentations about a specific topic and process. The format is pretty much exactly the same as live presentations.

Keep your presentations on point, and about the topic.

It’s also essential that you properly introduce yourself and the company before you start the main presentation. You should also give your attendees an overview of the topics, as this will make more people motivated to stay on during the entire webinar.

Let your attendees ask questions

I recommend that you have an open contact form during the entire presentation. You can either dedicate the last 15 minutes of the webinar to answering those questions or sending emails hours or days later.

What truly matters is that you enable your attendees to contact you during the webinar and that you respond to each one.

The more you engage with your attendees, the more you’ll sell.

Mention your products or services

Ultimately, you’re doing webinars to make money. Here are some ways you can ‘soft sell’ your products or services during a webinar:

a. Mention your services briefly in the instruction (without going into the specifics)

b. Mention customer cases or specific services at certain points during the webinar (without going into the specifics)

Call to Action

You must set a clear objective for your webinar. What that objective us largely depends on your customer lifetime value.

Limited Time Offer

If you’re selling software or other services with a lower lifetime customer value (e.g. less than 2000 USD), you should consider getting straight to the point and ask your attendees to buy.

That said, you must give them a reason to buy now. The simple solution to this is to offer a limited time offer.


  • 20% discount
  • 100 USD discount
  • Bonus features
  • 1-on-1 consultation

You can combine one or more of the above to offer a complete package, as some people value discounts while others rather have more of what you have to offer – or both.

Lead Generation

That said, freight forwarding or complex legal services are rarely compatible with limited-time discounts and bonuses. Instead, you’re probably better off using your webinars as a way to educate your prospects and then get them on the phone or even a face to face meeting.


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